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Completed Projects

S.No. Name Of Project Contractor Consultant / Client
1 B+M+G+2+R - Residential Building M/S Team Engineering
M/S Wasi Asset Management Group
2 G+17 Residential Building M/S Abu Hall Contracting M/S Hathboor Group
3 Oasis Mall & Shaik Zayed Road M/S Alka Contracting M/S Oasis Mall
4 Food Court Dafza Dubai M/S Afron Building Contracting M/S Dafza Dubai
5 G+3 Building in Abu Dhabi M/S Al Ghussun Metalic Consultant M/S Federal National Assembly Building
6 28+G+14+R+ Building at Al Bharsha M/S Team Engineering M/S Al Ajmi Engineering Consultaant
7 G+4 Residential Building at Al Murar M/S Ibrahim Al Zarouni Bldg Co M/S Build Point Consultant
8 Hotel Appartment at Dubai M/S Specialized Metal System M/S Sheraton Hotel Dubai
9 Aluminium and Glass work at Al Quoz M/S Maintenance Dept M/S Jotun Paints
10 G+1 Villa & Kitchen Block M/S New System Eng M/S Al Jazeera Architect Eng
11 G+3 Labour Camp at Jaber Ali M/S Unitech Equipments Co M/S City Creek Consultants
12 Sharjah Investment & Development Authority M/S Al Quasba M/S Al Quasba
13 Waterhouse in Plot No 368/0710 at Al Quoz M/S Brazil Building Cont LLC M/S Abdulla Al Suwaidi
14 G+1 Villa at Muhaisanah, Dubai M/S New System Engineering Mr. Ismail Al Zarouni
15 G+1 Villa at Emirates Hill, Dubai M/S Tarauni Holding Ltd M/S Tarauni Holding Ltd
16 Shop City Walk M/S Horton Tech M/S The Mattress Store
17 G+1 Villa M/S Port Saeed Engineering M/S Essa Muhattayeb